Il Centre

Estetiste Budoni
Estetiste La Caletta
We are here to resolve all your face and body problems.
The center makes use of high quality ingredients such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, alpha-hydroxy acids,
glycolic etc to improve skin issues such as dehydration, wrinkles, spots, blotchiness and acne.
We have countless body beautification solutions such as mud baths, massages using Electro, Presso-massage, Vacuum, Radio frequency, Micro-dermo abrasion, ultrasound, cryo-electrophoresis,
thermo-saunas and endo-massage.


With the micro dermo abrasion we perform an exfoliation carried out by means of air and
crystals of corundum (aluminum sesquioxide). As a result of this, the skin becomes brighter, younger, toned and gains elasticity.
The micro dermo abrasion treatment is recommended for skin with acne & scars.


Cryoelectrophoresis is a technique that enables transfer of trans cutaneous
properly frozen natural active ingredients through a specific

Monday 8-30 17-30
Tuesday 8-30 17-30
Wednesday 8-30 17-30
Thursday 8-30 17-30
Friday 8-30 17-30
Saturday closed

Centro Estetico Attimi di Bellezza is located close to the tourist town of La Caletta, Siniscola, Torpè and Posada.
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